Hotel Landmark Shimla: A Refreshing Vacation at the Queen of The Hills!

Hotel Landmark ShimlaAre you sick of the bristling heat in the summers and barely-there cold in the winter? Do you want to get into a snow fight with friends and huddle up around a bonfire? Look no further than Shimla! Shimla, God’s gift to mankind, is a popular hill station in India, capital of Himachal Pradesh. Although it may seem like a quiet, isolated getaway, don’t be fooled because Shimla is very well connected to the rest of the world by road, rail and air! So get a chance to fulfil a few of your wishes at Shimla while staying at Hotel Landmark Shimla!

Hotel Landmark Shimla: A Blend of Comfort and Convenience!

The hotel, surrounded by enchanting trees, is blessed with a picturesque view of God’s handiwork, nature. The hotel offers you the peace of an isolated inn but also gives you the convenience of moving around the city during your vacation. The hotel is located on Mall Road, which is the cultural and entertainment hub of the city. Most shops, clubs, pubs and restaurants are but a few steps away from the hotel. If need be the guests can make use of the taxi stand which is no more than 900 meters away from the hotel.

The hotel is artfully decorated and is also spacious with 65 rooms across 7 floors. The guests are provided with all the basic amenities like an in-house restaurant, a bar, a coffee shop and even a discotheque! To have a relaxed and pleasant stay in Shimla, book your stay in Hotel Landmark Shimla right away!

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